Friday, March 23, 2012


Today my mind is completely blank! I can't seem to concentrate on anything! Ahhhhhh! Truth be told, last night my friends from the network and I organized a little cooking get together to celebrate the upcoming wedding of our friends Jose and Andrea. María Reneé if you're reading this I HATE YOU! This is the last time I hang out with you! What started like an innocent cooking night ended up being a scene from Katy Perry's "Las Friday Night" video lol! Ok, maaaaaybe not thaaaaat crazy! Specially because it was only three of us (Renee, Majo and I) and the future couple, very VIP (truth is everyone else canceled), but we still managed to drive the chefs crazy. How can you explain a dancing pole in the middle of a kitchen lol! That's what I call entrepreneur spirit. Anyhow, I managed to find one decent photo to share with you. Meanwhile, excuse my temporary stupidity, I promise good material on Monday, or even before that. Tomorrow is my friends wedding so I'll probably be busy with that but Sunday I'll sit down and share some love with you.

Have a lovely weekend Y'aaaaaal! 

María Reneé, even though I hate you right now (of course I don't lol!) I have to admit we did have a blast, soooo...cheers to that!

This is me right now.

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