Monday, April 2, 2012


What we all thought could never be possible it actually came true, peach is in!!! What??? I personally don't like peach, I'm not saying it's an ugly color but it reminds me of big puffy bridesmaids dresses or Steel Magnolias hahaha for some reason it makes me think of southern weddings. 

Anywho, like it or not it's in and what's most important to me is that you learn how to do it in style and not walk around looking like aunt Gertrude from Alabama. The best way to wear peach is thru light as air dresses and flowy skirts, but something a little bit more structured like a jacket or tailored pants can also do the trick. Also, peach looks great mixed up with colors like coral (for a more monochromatic look) or silver, champagne and lavender (for a color block effect). 

Peach can be a very tricky color and not everyone can wear it successfully. It falls into the category of pastels but unlike other pastels which are mainly cool tones, peach is actually warm since it comes from the same family as orange. Who looks best with peach? Women with overall warm temperature, specially the ones with light skin and golden hair or women with peachy skin and red hair. This doesn't mean that you should never ever wear it but this women look amazing with it. 

Take a look at this images. At the end I give two very different ideas on how you could wear it. Hope you like it.

I thought it was gonna be a mission finding peach clothes and accessories online but you'd be amazed at how many things you'll find at net-a-porter alone. 

You see my point? Although the lovely lady on the left with overall cool temperature looks without a doubt stylish,  Miss Emma Watson here on the left looks way more harmonious with peach, looks like a second skin for her.

Or maybe Rihanna wears it better hahahaha Rihanna is the most gorgeous creature out there but this hairdo is hideous!!!



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