Monday, April 30, 2012


Yesterday took place the Saúl E. Méndez farmers market. Like I said in my previews post, I love the idea of the farmers market because it gives people in Guatemala something different to do on a regular Sunday morning. I asked my friend Deby to come with me and help me document some of my favorite things at the FM. The two things that caught my attention where the Wunderkeks cupcake stand that was absolutely lovely and which belongs to the fabulous Hans Christian Schrei and also Camille's bread stand. Camille is one of Guatemala's top restaurants, chef and owner Jorge Lamport and his wife Carolina (who ar ethe cutest couple by the way) always have the most creative and at the same time simple way to display their products. Carolina herself is quite an amazing artist. 

Enjoy the pictures and if you missed my farmers market outfit post click here:  

If you liked what you just saw and you wish to contact either Wunderkeks or Camille, visit their facebooks pages where you'll find all their useful information:

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