Monday, April 30, 2012


This morning while I was navigating the web in search for inspiration I came upon a really cool blog called Closet Visit . Closet Visit was created by artist Jeana Sohn and it's about visiting the closets of creative stylish women. To my point of view Closet Visit would be the indie version of The Coveteur being this second one a lot more comercial. I actually like the indie version a lot more perhaps, I love the purity and clarity of it's images and in a way seems a lot more intimate. Turns out like I said at the beginning that Jeana is not only a fashion blogger she's also a photographer and quite an amazing artist. I visited her photography website and fell in love with her work. It's so amazing how the world is filled with creative talented people, it gives us something to admire and talk about. 

Here's some of Jeana's photographic work (my favorite). Don't forget to visit her blog Closet Visit in it I'm sure you'll find a lot of inspiration. Hope you like it as much as I did!!!

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