Thursday, May 3, 2012


This past week I've been talking a lot about stackable bracelets and statement rings, two very chic and fun trends we all love, so many ways to experiment with them, I even uploaded some really cool  images in my Style by Red by María Cristina Acquaroni page on facebook, please pay my page a visit, LIKE IT and take a look at my albums. 

Yesterday I went to ATELIER to find interesting material for this weeks post. When got there I was so excited to see all the wonderful statement rings they have and thought that it would be a perfect topic for this post. Seriously I'm so lucky to be able to work with the best boutiques in Guatemala, they make it such a pleasure to talk about all the many beautiful and incredible things they have. I wouldn't do it otherwise. Everything I talk about in this blog are things that I love and would (or do in fact) definitely wear. Of course they have so many more styles but since my fingers are so damn skinny I took pictures of the one's that fit me lol! You're just gonna have to pay ATELIER a visit to see all the many styles they have. And while you're at it choose a dress to go with that statement ring, wait till I show you the beautiful dress I chose for my ATELIER LOOK so stay tuned!!!

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