Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Isabel Marant has put the cool back into the sneakers!!! And it's madness!!! I have to admit I just noticed the trend. I like fashion sneakers I wear mines a lot because their comfy, I move a lot, I'm tall, and I have flat feet. But it was just recently that I noticed that there was a Isabel Marant fever going on. I'm sorry but this is Guatemala sometimes it's difficult to keep track of trends when we lack a lot of fashion in our country. 

Anyhow... many fashion women during the statement stiletto era (maybe I just made that up, who cares it my blog!!!) would've sworn on their dead bodies you wouldn't have caught them dead wearing sneakers, but since Isabel Marant has made them cool again now everyone wants to wear them. No matter the reason I dig it a lot and not just Isabel Marant designs, other cool ones too. 

Point made I like the sneaker trend and I want to try it. 

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