Tuesday, May 15, 2012


As you all you know, I'm always constantly on the look for new and interesting things to share with you about fashion, new designers, boutiques, trends, blogs and novelties. Just a little while ago I discovered a Spanish line of clothing called Aldo Martins. I've found that Spanish designers tend to be very fun and eclectic with their collections with a lot of use of color, pattern and prints, perhaps it has to do a lot with their vibrant personalities. 

Aldo Martins is a growing medium size company based in Barcelona who's stylish products are located in 1,500 department stores in 32 countries, pretty impressive. Aldo Martins specializes in knitwear for women and has been faithful to it's technique for years now. The key to their success has been in their ability to quickly identify and incorporate the most current trends into their own collections. In their 2012 spring summer collection Aldo Martins found inspiration in African patterns, bright colors and flower prints. With Aldo Martins you remain CHIC ALL DAY which is their main slogan. 

If you're a color and print lover Aldo Martins is the answer you might have been looking for, you can mix and match their pieces with other neutral and or colorful ones, and I find it the perfect option to create the mix pattern trend that has been in style for seasons and never goes away. 

I created 4 looks for you to consider for this summer. If you like what you see you may visit www.aldomartins.com to find a store near you. 

Hope you like!!! Until next!!!

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