Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Yesterday I was writing my weekly newspaper column that comes out tomorrow Wednesday and the topic I chose was HOW TO WEAR MENSWEAR AND STILL LOOK FEMININE. I've always felt passionate about this topic, there's something extremely alluring and elegant about a woman that wears classic menswear, done correctly can make you look chic sexy and sophisticated. What I like the most about classic menswear is that it's always in style and it's uncomplicated, womenswear can be a bit too fussy sometimes, too many horrific cheap stuff out there that only make women look sloppy. There's a lot us women can learn from proper male dressing but that's a whole other post, this time I just want to give you a few tips on how to wear menswear and still look feminine. I also created three outfits that I hope you like and find inspiring. 
  1. The more clean and classic the cut, the more elegant and sophisticated you'll look.
  2. Make sure that the fit is right. Every detail and every seam should fall correctly in it's place. You're not supposed to be hiding your feminine shape, au contraire, the mix of masculine cuts with feminine curves is what makes this look so interesting and appealing.
  3. Always remember to give your masculine look a feminine touch, never wear menswear from head to toe unless you want to be a man. 
  4. Mix masculine pieces with feminine pieces.
  5. Accessorize correctly. Thru accessories you can add a feminine touch to a masculine look, but thru them you can also give a masculine touch to a feminine look. Get creative! 
  6. Always show some skin. How sexy it is a classic button down shirt unbuttoned all the way down to where you dare. 
  7. Play with proportions, if you're gonna wear a boxy jacket make sure the pants are slim. 
  8. Add a masculine hat to your look. 
  9. Wear masculine shoes with feminine clothes. 
  10. And last but not least experiment and have fun, it's the only way you'll acquire experience and knowledge in anything fashion related. You don't have to go to fashion school to know how to dress in style but you do need to read, instruct yourself, experiment and try new things, like anything else in life great style also requires great effort. 

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