Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I bought this Guatemalan bag a couple of years ago at a local market in Antigua Guatemala and since then people have been complimenting me on it, everyone loves it. Ever since I bought it I've been going back to the same market to see if the have the same bag in other styles but I can never find another one just like it, I guess mine is one of a kind and that makes me a lucky girl. I used to wear it a lot and then I stopped but today I saw it hanging all alone in my closet and thought it was about time I started wearing it again. Guess what? today everyone complimented me on it again, the truth is no designer handbag compares to the beauty of our native designs, they're beautiful and colorful and most importantly they're full of history, I love it. Today's look I decided to call it CLASSIC URBAN GUATEMALAN STYLE, a touch of classic, a touch of urban and a lot of Guatemalan, hope you like it. 

SKINNY JEANS: AG Adriano Goldshmied
JACKET: Massimo Dutti
BAG: Native Guatemalan
SCARF: Mango
SHOES: Converse

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