Thursday, July 26, 2012


How versatile or how willing to try new crazy trends are you? Are you the more conservative type or are you a fashion wild one? or perhaps you are a fashion wild one trapped in a conservative body? Maybe it's time to free yourself from your own restraining order, fashion was made to express yourself and have fun!

Here are two trend proposals by famous WHO WHAT WEAR spaghetti westerns and camouflage. Which one are you most willing to try? I might go for the camouflage, I've never been too much of a western type except for cowboy boots but that's pretty much it. I'll try something later on and I'll show it to you. Maybe I'll even try a western meets camouflage meets neon kind of thing. What do you think?
Should I? 

See it on Who What Wear by clicking here 

See it on Who What Wear by clicking here 

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