Thursday, July 26, 2012


Today is all about new trends to try, and since I love shearing with you some of my favorite places to trend search here are some really cool ideas from other stylish bloggers around the globe on how to wear printed shorts featured this week on TRENDTATION. Trendtation is THE place to share your daily looks with the rest of the fashionista community. If you like to take pictures of your daily creative looks you must join Trendtation, and while you're at it take a minute (or less) to look me up and follow my own looks. 

Click here to read the complete post on Trendtation

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Anonymous said...

I love that Aminta is in the picture. She is an amazing blogger (guatemalan) who lives in Spain and super famous here in Spain too! She has had lots of international press and has been invited to cibeles fashion weeks and tons of important events here. Good to see a strong guatemalan woman in another strong and talented guatemalan woman's blog (yours). Happy Friday!