Tuesday, June 18, 2013


When I just moved here three months ago I bought this issue of Bon Appétit because...Well...It got me at hello with that photo obviously and because I wanted to start cooking yummy things. I've always dreamed of having my own kitchen, one that I don't have to share with other messy people. After the first trip to the supermarket my chef dreams where instantly frustrated, first because I totally get anxious in supermarkets (sooooo many options), and second because there was no way I could eat all those fruits and vegetables that I had just bought, after a couple of days everything had gone bad and my money down the drain (Whole Foods hellooooo). Needless to say I stopped buying all sorts of colorful and beautiful eggplants, broccolini, zucchini, etc... Howeeeeeveeeeer now that I've re-started Style by Red I've decided to put my chef dreams in full motor running again. I'm calling my new epicurean segment "Style by Red Test Kitchen." I was inspired by my fabulous friend and vintage maven Pamela Castillo (check out her online vintage marketplace Market Publique) who is always cooking the yummiest things and posting photos of her epicurean creations on Instagram. I tell her she needs to do something about her culinary passion, open a bistro, write a book, start a blog, something! She rocks! You guys have to stick around to see this because I'm super excited about my new culinary adventure. My first kitchen stunt is going to be this fried chicken and jalapeño coleslaw sandwich with spicy mayo. I'm gonna have to invite friends over for brunch because otherwise there's going to be a lot of food waste and we don't want that. Anyways food is supposed to be shared with the people you love, food is supposed to bring people together. 

Stick around to see what happens my friends!!! 

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