Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Rule #1 to looking great when wearing a bustier top is to pair it up with a high waisted skirt, or pants, or shorts as long as it's high waisted. Doing this helps you avoid too much midriff exposure, specially helpful if your abs are not THAT toned up. Here I put together a colorful, feminine, bustier summer look to try during the day. You know, sometimes I can get a little crazy in the colors and prints department. If you're not a prints and bright colors person you can always try something in solids, or neutrals or both. Perhaps mix one solid neutral with another solid bright or print. Creativity is the limit. Explore, be bold, be daring, have no fear! 

Bustier from Anthropologie
Skirt, bag, shoes, and sunglasses from net-a-porter

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