Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The web is a wonderful world of discovery, in it we travel, we eat, we communicate, we meet, we make business... what would we do if we didn't have it? Even us generation Xers who where not born in the internet era don't remember what it feels not to have it. A day without internet feels like an apocalypse. 

Today I was performing my daily arduous task of researching the web. I came to the conclusion that Spain has some pretty cool blogs and fashion websites. We tend to put our eyes in the US because we think they are the creator of everything cool (don't get me wrong God bless the United States of America!!!) and we tend to forget that the world in general is filled with amazing creative people. 

For example, today I discovered a designer from Barcelona called Ana Tichy thru itfashion.com a Spanish website reporting on things like fashion, art, photography, and editorials. Ana has a store in Barcelona called PINC and it's just the cutest little place. Sharing work and retail space under the same roof seems very common amongst young European designers, and quite frankly I find it very interesting and appealing. I noticed the trend when I first visited Berlin a long time ago. Many young independent designers had their ateliers and retail spaces all together, and you could actually see them working which was pretty darn cool. Berlin people are very welcoming, if you told them you where a fashion design student they would take you behind curtains and show you all their work and stuff. 

Ana not only has the cutest little place, her collection is also beautiful. Too bad Barcelona is so far away from us but when I go I will definitely pay PINC a visit. 

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