Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Good morning everyone! I was a little bit absent for a couple of days but I'm back. Today I'm excited because it's Little Miss Red Fashion Adventures Tuesday. This time my team of creative people, my photographer Shanila, and my hair and makeup artist Fernanda really did an amazing job! They always do but I specially loooove today's shoot and I know you guys are gonna love it too. I feel very blessed by God because he has put in my life the best and most creative people to work with without whom I couldn't do this. For a very long time I worked by myself, I styled myself, did my own hair and makeup, took my own pictures, the works. In a way it was rewarding because it made me feel sufficient but it feels so much better to be part of a team than to be a loner. I still style myself but now I have two other creative minds working together with me. 

Today's shoot was inspired by how elegant and sophisticated people dressed in past decades when they traveled. Traveling was quite an event and it required that you played the part. The outfit I'm wearing was a gift from my dad to my mom, he bought it for her at Harvey Nichols in London while on their honeymoon. The camera case belonged to my father, and the luggage belonged to my grandmothers, they traveled with them when they came to live to Guatemala years and years ago. This is undoubtedly a photo shoot filled with history which is really what makes it so special.


SUIT- Vintage Harvey Nichols 
HAT- Bettina bought at Anthropologie
NECKLACE- Anthropologie
SHOES- Chanel
LUGGAGE- Vintage

PHOTOGRAPHY- Shanila Menendez  shanilaphoto@gmail.com
HAIR AND MAKEUP- Fernanda Gomar  mus_hus12@gmail.com
STYLING- María Cristina Acquaroni  info@mcacquaroni.com

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Blanca said...

Me encanta el estilo, y las fotos estan lindisimas! felicitaciones!