Thursday, October 4, 2012


Yesterday I received the most amazing gift from my friend and shoe designer Renate Krings. Renate is the founder and creator of Wanderlust footwear, the hippest shoe line in Guatemala right now. When I met Renate I was surprised to see how young she was, she's still a design student at Universidad Rafael Landivar, but she sure has a young entrepreneur heart something I highly admire in her. 

Renate's success story is very inspiring for young women out there who have a big dream. Renate founded Wanderlust July last year when she was merely 21 years old. She was on vacation from school and decided to take advantage of all that free time to make her own dream come true. She began searching for everything on her own, manufacturing, materials, and of course human support. 

Renate had a very clear concept of what she wanted. Life is a journey, Wanderlust footwear would become the soul of our most faithful traveling companions...our shoes. Custom made to fit each persons taste and personality everyone would have a shoe of their own, a one of a kind piece. 

Renate began her own journey that led her to what Wanderlust is today. Wanderlust's Facebook fan page began with only 2 likes, today they have 6,624 likes. When you have the perfect mix of talent, passion and faith, success inevitably follows. 

Never give up, keep believing, trust the one that put those dreams in your heart in the first place and work hard to achieve them 

Thank you so much Wanderlust for this amazing gift 100% Guatemalan, from the creators, designers and manufacturers to the colorful and beautiful materials. Now of course I want more lol! 

If you like what you see then you have to visit Wanderlust on Facebook and become a fan. If you live in Guatemala City you can also purchase Wanderlust footwear at Morena

Expect to see more of my new Wanderlust shoes here on Style by Red.

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Beatriz said...

Esa historia de verdad me inspiró, gracias por compartirla. Espero algún día lograr lo mismo y hacer realidad mi sueño es básicamente el mismo, pero en verdad hay que ponerle ganas. Muy linda la marca también! Ya conocía Wanderlust pero no la historia detrás. Muy bello!

Anonymous said...

Definitivamente super inspiradora la historia de Renate Krings, me encantan sus diseños y sobretodo por representar tan bien a Guatemala en sus diseños. Gracias por este post tan inspirador!

Maria Cristina Acquaroni said...

Chicas! Que bueno que les gustó y les pareció inspiradora. Las animo a seguir adelante con sus propios sueños, a esforzarse y a mantener la fe!