Thursday, July 4, 2013


Lately I've been talking a lot about my new found girlie side. A few posts ago I gave you 5 easy tips on how to include girlie elements to your wardrobe. One of them was to experiment with prints. The great news is that in order to look feminine or girlie you don't have to wear matronly floral prints (Laura Ashley style), In fact there are many fun and beautiful prints you can experiment with that will also help you achieve girlieness without looking like a casting member from Little House on the Prairie. Here's an outfit I put together yesterday that made me feel very feminine but also modern with a quirky touch. I paired it up with neon pink flats, a statement necklace and neon pink scarf in case it got chilly at night. Take a look.

Anthropologie jumpsuit and Chat'e necklace

J.Crew scarf

J.Crew flats

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